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Goodluck in NY Paul and KG, you're forever in our hearts. <3

lakers-kobe-deactivated20131230 said: hey I have a brand new blog and i was wondering if you could check it out :)

Yessss beautiful blog!

Anonymous said: You do have a dad your mom isn asexual

HAHA no i really dont its confusing and im not explaining it to an anon, sorryy

Anonymous said: why dont u like gerald wallace abd wut about 2007

idk i dont like his vibe and hes kind of a jerk on the court if you havent noticed and lol we sucked so bad. 2nd worst record in the league and then BAM champions, bow down. :)

Anonymous said: Rondo is perfect

it should be said every day with the national anthem

the-inter-lude said: Thoughts on the Len Bias story

Sorry for the late answer. This was possibly one of the saddest things I had ever read about. So much potential and talent. Stuff like that happens every day though. And it’s getting more common. I knew about this one for awhile but a few weeks ago Chris Herren came to my school and he basically told us all it’s more common that we think. Which makes it even worse.

breezyfeva said: i absolutely love your blog. Thanks for sharing these photos they all made me smile and love the celtics even more. gang green

aw, no thank you! i absolutely love running this blog :)

the-inter-lude said: Could you do me a favour and like tell me a few Celtic blogs, and like especially of they're vertical. Thank you

My favorites are this and you must follow Olivia’s(her’s is vertical).

But other than that you can check out my blogroll :)

sorry for the late reply by the way!

Anonymous said: YOU’RE IT! Rules are: copy this message to 10 other beautiful people/blogs who you think deserve this message! Keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful xx

ahhh, i love you! thank you. so sweet <3

karl-malonee said: glad I found this blog, keep the green coming lol... CELTICS ALL DAY

thank youuuu! always! :)

Anonymous said: i love their player tribute videos like they really are grateful for the players who were traded or whatever. im actually excited on ray ray's tribute videos <3

Aw, I knowwww. I love them too. It must be great to experience being a Celtic. Especially with the huge fan base.